Green Mango Pest

Our Story

7 years ago I was hired as a door to door pest control salesman. At the time I didn't know much about the pest control industry.  As I went door-to-door I was quickly educated on a few very important things that inspired the creation of Green Mango.  I learned that many of us Arizonans are promised a thorough detailed service in the initial stages of our contracts, however the service is never completely performed.  The service is never as thorough or as effective as originally promised.  Second I learned that many people are uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the communication skills, cleanliness, attitude or knowledge of the technicians they allow in their homes. Lastly, due to poor customer service, lack of communication and hurried technicians, many residence become frustrated with billing and scheduling mistakes.  I repetitively listened to these complaints, and tried to resolve them.  I worked for many good companies, however I concluded that in order to provide resolutions to these common complaints that I am so passionate about, that I must create my own service.  Green Mango Pest Control exists to provide you with a premium service that is setting the pace for the industry.  We are overly passionate about being the best local service not just another pest control company.  We use the safest most effective products in the world, allowing us to provide excellent control on scorpions and all extreme pests.  We love what we do and there is nothing we look forward to more than serving you and giving you the clean, safe, thorough, detailed oriented service you deserve and have always dreamed about.

-Dusty & Cam

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